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CONSOPHARMA+ is an emerging manufacturer-exporter based in New Delhi, capital city of India. The company is founded by highly experienced professionals from Medical Devices and Healthcare industry.

The company has a vision to provide high quality Orthopedic solutions and other healthcare products at a very competitive cost so that the each and every class of society gets quality treatment and care. We ensure our customers and users of our products for the best value of their money.

Our main products include Orthopedic Implants, Orthopedic Instruments, Orthopedic Sets, Surgical Equipments and Rehabilitation Aids etc. The company has production facilities in Gujarat, India which is well known for its industrial expertise. We have completely automated and state-of-art manufactuing unit for orthopedic implants and instruments which assures quality control as per international standards.

Apart from Orthopedic Solutions, we have tied up with several manufacturers so that we may offer our customers a complete solution for their Medical, Surgical and Healthcare needs. These product line include Hospital Furniture, Medical Disposables, Laboratory Supplies, Autoclaves and sterilizers, Suction Units, other medical devices and healthcare equipments.

We are the leading manufacturer,suppliers and exporters of Locking Plate, Locking Screw, Bone Plate, Bone Screw, Interlocking Nail, Interlocking Bolt, Hip Prosthesis, Spine, Arthroscopy, Pins & Wires, External Fixator, Ring Fixator, Radius, Ulna and Humerus, Tibia and Femur, Clavicle, Neck and SpineProsthesis and DHS, Fragment Set, Laboratory Equipments, Hospital Furniture, Disposables, Autoclaves & Sterilizers, Suction Units, Cervical Support, Back Support, Abdominal Support, Finger, Wrist & Elbow Support, Knee, Calf Ankle Support, Traction Kit, Fracture Aids, General Aids, Utility Splints

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