What are posterior cervical implants used in spine surgery ?

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Posted on October 09, 2019 at 01:30 PM

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Cervical implants are getting really common these days. The surgery is quite simple and successful. With the growing technology the cervical implants sued in spine are also advanced in technology. The implantation of these devices can be implanted either from the front which is known as anterior or back of the spin known as posterior surgery. A number of Cervical Implants Suppliers ae emerging in the markets, which also includes spine instruments suppliers and orthopaedic implants and instruments are quite successful as well. But before we implant any device in our body, we must have some knowledge about the surgery and the implantation. So, in order to prepare you we have compiled a useful and informative article for you. Keep reading to know more.

Posterior cervical implants used in spine surgery

The goals of posterior cervical implants are to provide better stability and also helps in reducing pressure from the spine. It also helps in improving the cervical spine alignment which in turn helps in better healing and solid fusion. Following implantations are used in posterior cervical surgery of spine.

  • Clamps

    These were used in old times and are rarely used now. The process involves implantation of clamps over the tops of lamina which helps in holding the muscles and bone together to provide better stability.

  • Rods and screws

    This method is used often these days when required by surgeons. The procedure involves a rod and screws which are made up of material that dissolves slowly until the fusion occurs and hence, screws are first place and then the rod is placed to hold onto the lamina in position.

  • Wires

    This method is also popular as it is really easy and effective. The wires preferably made up of titanium are wrapped around the lamina which holds the spine in place.

  • Hooks

    These are rarely used in today’s time and hence, are not much popular now. A rod is place and hooks are attached to it which then holds the lamina together and hence, provides support till fusion occurs.

In order to understand the process involved in the surgery and the implantations being used in it. The doctor’s advice posterior cervical implantations in spine surgery as it is more successful, and the time involved in the dissolution of the implantations is quite fast and comfortable as well which helps in better recovery and fusion.