Use of locking plates in Orthopaedic Surgery

by admin

Posted on February 16, 2019 at 1:30 PM

Medical science is developing every day with added information, advantageous and technology. Nothing is out of the reach anymore, and so surgery and repair of damaged bone and tissue is redefined. With Orthopaedic screws and locking plates, invasive surgery and repair has added new meaning to terrible deformities and accidents. Orthopedic locking plate supplier and bone locking screw supplier work towards supplying the best tools to fix the problem at hand. Over the past decade Orthopaedic hardware has advanced to new levels and we have an endless list of advantages due to it. Mentioned below are Use of locking plates in Orthopaedic Surgery.

  • Over the years, we have learned that screws lock into mechanical screws or are even threaded into bones. They are fixed into the plate in unison and require friction in order for movement of the broken bone. But with the locked plates, one does not rely on friction between screw and plate for movement.
  • The plate does not have to be placed adjacent to the bones that allows space for soft tissue and blood supply to the bone. The locking plates in fact also act as internal fixators similar to external fixators.
  • Another great use is that locking plates come in specific anatomical shapes, depending on the area they have to be placed in.
  • They are also pre-contoured and fit right into the specific area. Nowadays the design also has jigs which when placed onto the bone can guide the surgeon to the screw holes that are placed underneath.

Due to their attention to detail and great applications, they also require utmost care and meticulous planning. A design and plan draw with pencil or using a CAD system makes the whole process feasible. Locking plates are tougher to manipulate, the conventional screws or plates pulls together the bone, whereas the plate cannot do so. One would have to use the whirlybird technique or even screws for proper bone alignment. But with the advantages offered by locking plates, they are now being widely used by surgeons all over the world.