Knee Arthroscopy- A surgical procedure for knee joint

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Posted on Jun 06, 2020 at 20:40 PM

Knee Arthroscopy- A surgical procedure for knee joint

Knee arthroscopy is a medical procedure that is carried out on patients suffering from knee joint problems. Unlike the major open surgeries, this method is proceeded by the help of exceedingly small incisions made on the required body part. A tiny camera, which is also known as an arthroscope, is inserted in the knee. This helps the surgeon to examine the inside of the knee and investigate the complexity of the problem. The images of the knee obtained by the arthroscope helps the surgeon to make the necessary corrections in the bones and the tissues.

Anatomy behind the procedure

The knee joint in the human body is one of the biggest joints in the body and is in fact regarded as one of the most complex joints. Orthopaedic implants and instruments have by far helped the surgeons to revert back the deformities caused to the knee joint. The lower end of the femur and upper end of the tibia and patella makes up the knee. Since three major bones are involved with the knee joint, the surgical operations become a bit tedious.

  • Articular cartilage - The ends of the femur and tibia are covered with this cartilage.
  • Synovium - A thin lining called synovium surrounds the knee joint.
  • Meniscus - The meniscal cartilage acts like the shock absorbers.
  • Ligaments - Ligaments are known as bone connectors.

Surgical procedure

Surgical draping is covered all over the patient's leg so as to expose the prepared incision site. The skin of the knee is cleaned in order to prevent any surgical infections. Anaesthesia dose will be given to the patient so that the patient does not feel any pain in the surgical portion. The surgeon starts small incisions or cuts in the knee, and sterile saltwater will then be pumped into the knee to expand the surgical portion for clarity. The arthroscope will be entered into the knee, and the surgeon will look at the affected portion on the monitor.

When the surgeon locates the problems in the knee, he/she will make certain cuts on the required tissue to correct the deformity and will drain out the saline water out. Surgical implant suppliers such as orthopaedic bone screws distributors have made it possible to carry out major knee surgeries that require utmost precision.

Surgical equipment suppliers provide the necessary apparatus for the recovery period of the surgery. Though the operation is not must invasive, and knee dressing materials help in fast recovery.