How do Spine Implants Work?

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Posted on March 5, 2019 at 3:30 PM

How do Spine Implants Work

Most of adults at some point of time have experienced back pain. Some of the most common reasons for back pain are sprains, strains, small wear and tear of bones & discs. But such pains are temporary and can be treated by acupuncture, exercise& medication. But if the pain is severe & persistent, it is a sign of danger and surgery might be necessary in such case. Although surgery is usually the last resort for people with back pain, there are specific cases like arthritis of the spine, scoliosis and other deformities of the spine, broken vertebrae, and spondylolisthesis when it might be the best option.

There are several spine instruments suppliers and surgical equipment suppliers who provide the best quality products. Spinal implants have several roles to play. Generally speaking, implants can help:

  • Facilitate the fusion of two vertebrae,
  • Improve stability of the spine,
  • Strengthen the spine and
  • Correct any deformities.

Spinal implant is basically the fusion of 2 vertebrae together and replace natural disc. There are 2 major types of spinal implant- fusion and non-fusion.

Fusion is a process of creating union between rigid bone with the help of cages, plates, rods and screws. Cages helps in holding space between 2 vertebrae and provide good support & stability.

  • Plates provide support to cervical spine. They are flexible and can bend with spine, to fit the individual’s need.
  • Rods connect the vertebrae with the help of hooks.
  • Pedicle screws are specifically bone screw designed for implantation in vertebral pedicle.

Non-fusion spinal implant is an alternative to fusion spinal implant. Through this process, doctors can permanently affix 2 or more bones in the spine. It comprises of expandable rods, artificial disks and spinal cord stimulation.

  • Expandable rods straighten the spin without fusing vertebrae.
  • Artificial disc acts as a normal disc implanted in the spine. It helps in movement after surgery.

In spinal cord stimulation, a small device is place at the base of spine. It sends electric signal to the brain, which then stops sending the pain signals to the body.

After reviewing what spinal implant is, what is its types, you must decide are they are a good option for you? If yes, then next step is to find a surgeon. When choosing a surgeon, you must be very cautious and select the surgeon with experience and a good success rate. It is also important to decide the type of implant and learn about the instruments & equipment of surgery. There are reliable spine implant suppliers who provide the best quality products to ensure best possible results.