Hip Arthroscopy Over The Hip Replacement Surgery: Why It is helpful

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Posted on April 12, 2019 at 3:15 PM

Hip Arthroscopy Over The Hip Replacement Surgery: Why It is helpfuls

Hip Arthroscopy has the potential to delay or even remove the necessity for hip replacement surgery. In Hip Arthroscopy, the doctor tries to generate a picture of the condition of the joint by inserting a tiny camera at various points by making small incisions.

What are the causes of Hip Pain?

Our joints contain cartilage that is a smooth tissue that helps in movement by lubricating the joints. When this cartilage, erodes with time, due to a genetic condition, infection or an accident, the joints become stiff and motion becomes difficult and painful.

Arthritis is associated with loss of cartilage with time. The condition makes the joint surrounding more fluid which causes friction and irritation in the joint surfaces and causes fraying. This causes inflammation which causes even more fraying. The pain in the joints in Arthritis drastically reduces the quality of life of the patient by making all motion painful. The patient cannot walk properly, use the stairs. Even sleeping becomes difficult and painful.

What are the benefits of hip arthroscopy?

Hip arthroscopy is a surgical process that is an alternative to hip replacement surgery. This is a new process that causes minimum scarring since it is less invasive than the latter. The patient is even discharged the same day after the process.

Hip Arthroscopy is particularly effective in the management and treatment of early stages of arthritis and can even prevent arthritis from developing further. This is really beneficial for young people who are predisposed to the condition. A great product, in this case, is the orthopedic locking plate.

The advantage of hip arthroscopy over hip replacement surgery?

With the help of proper orthopedic surgical instruments, the much less invasive process that is the hip arthroscopy can have the following advantages for the patient: -

  • - Faster rehabilitation
  • - Prevent the open surgery
  • - Less and smaller incisions
  • - Early discharge
  • - Early return to normal life

Which health conditions are curable with hip arthroscopy?

Labral Tear

The hip socket is surrounded by thick tissue called the labrum. It helps support the hip joint. A tear to the labrum causes pain and inflammation in the joints whenever there is motion. This develops pain and stiffness.

Loose Bodies

Sometimes pieces of cartilage between joints become loose, like small marbles. These occupy the space between the joints and get stuck.

Cartilage Damage

The cartilage damage happens before Arthritis develops. The patient with this condition is at the risk of cartilage breaking. This broken piece of cartilage can be removed with hip arthroscopy.

In order to ensure proper and accurate treatment under hip arthroscopy, surgeons source high-quality equipment from reliable hip replacement surgery implant suppliers. The benefits that this process offers over the replacement surgery, does make it a viable alternative worthy of consideration.