Different types of bone grafts in Spine surgery

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Posted on Jun 06, 2020 at 19:50 PM

Different types of bone grafts in Spine surgery

Bone grafting is a medical or specifically a surgical procedure that is used to fix deformities or disparities caused to bones and joints. Some severe accidents and high impact injuries leave victims’ bones damaged severely so that a bone grafting or a tissue transplant is required to take back the victim to normal life. Bone grafting is also used to help a bone grow near an orthopaedic implant device. Bone structure deformities caused by birth or by accidents where a specific bone or a group of bones is completely absent are cured by bone grafting procedures, and this becomes possible with the help surgical equipment suppliers.

Why is bone grafting practised?

Bone grafting is done for a number of reasons, from curing injuries to diseases. There are several reasons for the need for bone grafting

  • In case of a spinal injury, commonly a joint gets deceased and thus to help the two bones across the joint heal, a fusion process is carried out.
  • In some severe accidents, patients lose some specific bone. Loss of a bone may even be caused by a disease. In such a scenario, bone grafting is used to regenerate that specific bone with the help of spine implant instruments.
  • Joint replacements or spinal fusions have surgical orthopaedic implants supporting the bine structure. Bone grafting is used around these implants to grow bones.

Bone grafts in spine surgery

Spinal fusion is generally performed on the neck or back. It is done in order to get the patient relieved of the pain that is caused by two struggling bones. So, the bones are fused so that they can heal into a single bone. For this purpose, an additional bone known as the bone graft is used.

Autograft bone graft

This kind of spinal fusion involves the patient's own bone being the bone graft. The common donor area is the iliac crest located in the patient's pelvis.

Allograft bone graft

In this kind of bone graft, bone is obtained from cadavers for use in the spine fusion. Different techniques and measures are employed to sterilize the donor's bone, and they are also available in different shapes and sizes.

Local bone graft

To release the pressure on some nerve roots, spinal bones are removed. During spinal fusions, these removed bones are used as a bone graft.

Synthetic bone

These bones are made with calcium materials. They are used as substitutes to autograft bone implants. Spine implant suppliers often provide them with other spine implants.

Now, that you are well aware regarding the different types of bone grafts in spine surgery making a final decision will be that much easier for you.