What Surgeons do to repair Bone Fractures?

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Posted on March 7, 2019 at 1:30 PM

How to Repair Bone Factures

Bone Fractures are painful and differentiate in their severity. There are different treatments to go about to repair a bone fracture, which depends on how severe the damage is. You can always use a cast to fix the broken bone, but in certain situations your doctor would recommend an invasive surgery where pins, rods or cages are used to help repair the broken bone and bring it back to its original position. Doctors avail orthopedic bone screws from bone locking screw suppliers. The surgical method to repair a broken bone by surgery is called open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) surgery. This method is utilised generally when the bone is sticking out which means a joint is damaged which affects your mobility.

Doctors begin by going through your medical history. Look through any prion injuries, allergies or chronic disease you might have. That is important to eliminate any risks like infections, bleeding, and clotting or allergic reactions t medication causing more complications. Once that is cleared a CT scan and an MRI is done. And you are prepared for surgery, where you would be recommended to not eat from a night before surgery and have a chaperone to drive you back home after surgery.

The surgery might take hours and you would be given anaesthesia to numb out the pain. An incision is made to position in rods or screws or place a rod if it is a long bone. If the bone was completely shattered one might even use bone graft or bone replacement , and damaged blood vessels are also repaired. Once the surgery is complete and the bone is in place, the incision is closed with stiches and the limb is placed in a cast for recovery.

Depending on the type of surgery you had, the doctor would give you a recommended frame of time where you can heal. During this period, you would be in recovery room where the doctor would monitor your blood pressure, temperature and heartbeat. Depending on your condition, you can stay or leave the hospital. The doctors recommend ice-compress and elevating the healing limb in case of swelling.