Sirus Nail (Left & Right)

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Catalog no. CPP.159.S               
Locking Bolt  ø  6.5mm & 4.9mm
Material SS 316L, Titanium
Nail Diameter 9.0mm,10.0mm,11.0mm,12.0mm
Nail Length 34cm to 44cm  (diff. 2.0cm)
Proximal Bolt Cannulated / Solid  6.5mm
Bolt Length 30mm to 110m     (diff. 5.0mm)
Proximal  & Distal Bolt Locking Bolt 4.9mm
   Bolt Length 20mm to 60mm(diff. 2.0mm)
65mm to 80mm(diff. 5.0mm)
Standard Left  &  Right