Sacro Lumbar Brace (Belt) Deluxe

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→ Two Rigid Pre Contoured Splints Provide Support To The Weak Back Muscle.
→ Velcro Closure For Easy Application & Adjustment To Comfort Fit.
→ Belt Is Made Of Breatheable, High Quality Fabric & Elastic.
→ Easy To Apply, And Easy To Adjust Different Sizes As Per User’s Requirements.
→ It Is Beneficial For Patients With Lower Back Problems, Degenerative Disc Problems,Lumbosacral Spondylolysis,Osteoporotic Pains Of Lumbar Spines.
→ To Provide Uniform Support To Lower Back Section With Rigid Immobilization.

Sizes Available Waist Sizes
Small 28-32 Inches
Medium 34-36 Inches
Large 38-40 Inches
XL 42-44 Inches

Other Sizes Also Available As Per Requirement