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The Sterilizer is skillfully designed and rigidly constructed. Heating is controlled by a thermostat to simplify the manipulation and ensure perfect safety. It is, therefore, very suitable for Sterilizing Surgical Instruments; vessels; syringes; needles etc in Hospitals and Clinics.

The Sterilizer is made of Stainless Steel. Seamless (Joint less) shell; lid; and instruments tray. Drain cock of brass duly C.P. is fitted on the side of the sterilizer. A strong, stable & smooth action automatic tray lifting system is fitted, handle is fitted on the side of the sterilizer having an insulated grip. Supplied with three core cord together with, a three pin plug for use on 220/240 volts, 50 cycles single phase A.C.


Size in inches

12”X 6”X 5”  (Small)                                                

17”X 8”X 6”  (Medium)                                                  

20”X 8”X 6”  (Large)                                                                         

Heating Element