Autoclave Horizontal Cylindrical

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The Autoclave is mounted on MS tubular stand.The chamber, jacket and boiler made of Stainless Steel. Outer Shelf is also made of Stainless Sheet. Hinged door is made of Stainless Steel plate.Radial locking Arms made of mild  steel, prevent opening of the door while steam is inside the chamber. Steam is generated in a separate boiler which is placed below the main body.The Steam generator is fitted with easily replaceable heaters & water level indicator.Autoclave hold pressure at selected point between 10 to 17 psi +/ -3 psi Hydraulically tested at 40 psi.pressure control through single point multiport valve fitted on the top of the autoclave.

  • Size- 16” x 24” (75 Liters approx)/ 16” x 36” (115 Liters approx) / 20” x 36” (175 Liters approx) / 20” x 48” (235 Liters approx).
  • 16” x 48” (150 Liters approx) /  24” x 48” (339 Liters approx) ON REQUEST.
  • Radial Locking.
  • Digital Temperature Meter.
  • Steam Trap.
  • Triple Walled.
  • Low Water Cut off.
  • Pressure control switch with electric panel.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Water indicator.
  • Separate Boiler.
  • Multiport Valve.
  • Heater 6 KW- 220/240Volts / Heater 9 KW- 220/240Volts.
  • Tubular  Stand Mild Steel  powder coated.


Other sizes also available as per requirement.


Working sterilization Temperature 121° C/123° C

Power supply 440V, 3 Phase


1 S.S Stand.

2 Double door system.

3 Working sterilization temperature 134° C on request.

4 Automatic with manual system on request.