Environmental Test Chamber Eco Friendly: (With Cooling)

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Specially Designed Double walled with internal chamber stainless steel 304 grade & out side mild steel sheet stoving painted & inbetween puf insulation is filled. Chamber providing controlled Temperature from 10°C to 60°C ±.2°C & Humidity from 40% to 98% ± 2%. Temperature & Humidity is Controlled by PID Micro Processor controller dual display with safety alarm in %age direct. Inside glass door & stainless steel water tank is provided. SS Tubing Heater U shape take care of Temperature above ambient & CFC free Compressor with R134 a refrigerant maintains temperature below ambient. Humidity is created by means of steam. Built in Automatic voltage stabilizer to work on 230 volts AC.


NO. Size of inside Stainless Steel Tank
L x B x D
Approx. Litres
A. 455  ×  455  ×  710mm 147
B. 610   ×  610  ×  610mm 227
C. 610   ×  610  ×  910m 339



Use only distilled water.