Heating Mantle

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Suitable for Laboratories, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Glass Plants etc. Particularly useful for Heating inflam-mable liquids. Electric heating net is hand knitted from glass yarn and there is no joint to maintain the strength of the yarn and stands high temperature up to 350°C.

The body of the mantle is duly Stoving Painted. All heating mantles are lagged with special grade mineral wool. To work on 220/230 Volts A.C. Fitted with Energy Regulator or with PID Micro Processor controller dual display with safety alarm.


A. 50ml & 100ml 80watts 1
B. 250ml & 500ml 200watts 1
C. 1Lt 300watts 1
D. 2Lt 450watts 1
E. 3Lt 500watts 1
F. 5Lt 600watts 1
G. 10Lt 2X600watts 1
H. 20Lt 3X650watts 3
Multisizes (One Mantle For Many Flask)
I. 50-250 & 100-500ml 200watts 1
J. 250-1000ml 300watts 1
K. 500-2000ml 450watts 1
L. 500-3000ml 500watts 1
M. 1000-5000ml 600watts 1



The Energy Regulator dial is arbitrarily marked 0-100 position. This marking does not indicate temperature. It indicates control level i.e. at position '100', maximum electric is allowed to flow to Heating Mantle. At position 'O' Minimum electric is allowed to flow to Heating Mantle.